What They Won't Tell You About Kevin Durant's Return

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Lalrin-Topic Ditë më parë
Best player in the planet I agree 💯
Tolu Komolafe
Tolu Komolafe 2 ditë më parë
kd injured two moths later all star captain
redbaconmatters 3 ditë më parë
900 views more before 1 million views
RdoubleD 3 ditë më parë
Stam cells
Dimitar Lyutskanov
Dimitar Lyutskanov 7 ditë më parë
He’s 6’10 technically but still great video Jxmy 👍🏻👍🏻 and those were 17 players you showed not 16 and the others lucky that were left were 9 and not 8
Yuri Boris
Yuri Boris 8 ditë më parë
KD about to get his 3rd chip with the NETS, let's goo Brooklyn
Umoja B
Umoja B 12 ditë më parë
Dude had 18 months off. Duh. He fully healed. Medicine and science is different as well. This is a no-brainer
Vel Vegas
Vel Vegas 16 ditë më parë
KD is a avatar thats why.
Najib 16 ditë më parë
KD barely runs and jumps even before the achilles lol. One dribble pull up in ur mouth. Also helps that he weighs almost nothing compared to people his size so less weight on that foot.
dis pater
dis pater 16 ditë më parë
Dominique Wilkins really tore his achilles and said "aight, imma average 30 next season"
jonathan dharmaputera
jonathan dharmaputera 18 ditë më parë
rudy gaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Rich ard
Rich ard 19 ditë më parë
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Dianah Mwaliteta
Dianah Mwaliteta 19 ditë më parë
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Sellin 19 ditë më parë
ye i think hes apart of that 6 percent jxmy :)
Basicallygaming 247
Basicallygaming 247 19 ditë më parë
Well most of those players relied on finishing at the rim so of course the acl is gonna affect they game
Daniel Galea
Daniel Galea 21 ditë më parë
It's a shame KD has the relationship he has with the media and outside world, because he looks great but I'd love to hear him talk about how he feels compared to past versions of himself. Maybe in a few years or when he's retired he might hear about it.
Rishi Natarajan
Rishi Natarajan 21 ditë më parë
John wall is doing pretty good actually.
DAN THE MAN 21 ditë më parë
I appreciate how much this guy puts into his vids. It’s good to see people who do their research on topics rather than being lazy and copying other peoples stuff. Good job.
Alec Meneses
Alec Meneses 21 ditë më parë
bro why u gotta say achilles like tht
Kevin Fowler
Kevin Fowler 23 ditë më parë
Do you have a podcast?
tito cornelius
tito cornelius 24 ditë më parë
Tony Parker.
Nobody is the name
Nobody is the name 24 ditë më parë
Don’t forget he didn’t play for 2 years
Nobody is the name
Nobody is the name 24 ditë më parë
Klay didn’t even get to play be4 he got injured again he won’t be the same
AthleticFatKid 25 ditë më parë
They have better rehab of this injury now, and well there are better “substances” to help you return full strength in the last 10 years.
Sean Flanagan
Sean Flanagan 27 ditë më parë
You didn't take into consideration the various body types and different playing styles which is 🔑
MrBlue Taylor
MrBlue Taylor 27 ditë më parë
He’s my favorite player
Stokey Junior
Stokey Junior 29 ditë më parë
I get what he's saying, but a lot of context is left out here
ZE RO 29 ditë më parë
0:48 I dont think the achilles is the worst. ACL injuries knock people out for much longer
bronx bully
bronx bully 29 ditë më parë
If kd didnt have too much pride we would be talking about kd vs lebron and lebron would have 3 rings for his career
Innovation Ball
Innovation Ball 29 ditë më parë
Bernard King and John Wall were good also
philip rovan nakila
philip rovan nakila Muaj më parë
I just want him to stay healthy. . Lakers vs nets 2021 NBA finals would be great. .probably the greatest NBA finals ever. . 😁😁😁
Dr8koo Muaj më parë
He choesn ... his # is 7
seifullah bashir
seifullah bashir Muaj më parë
He doesn't have a lot of weight on him. Hello!!
Stephen Kalmar
Stephen Kalmar Muaj më parë
Kobe was better. This video lies!
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha Muaj më parë
KD my favorite player of all time especially when he was on the thunder. Such a great player
Bradley Thomas
Bradley Thomas Muaj më parë
I really hope Durant stays healthy. His performance so far this year has been nothing short of incredible.
Spenser Dickerson
Spenser Dickerson Muaj më parë
Getting ready to make a new video when klay comes back next season better than before?
Clay Muaj më parë
You jinxed it.
Edgardo Garcia
Edgardo Garcia Muaj më parë
This guy goes on for 8:20 talking about this b.s,Has it occurred to him that possibly after an injury like that some people might mentally defeat themselves, because they might be scared to re injure,Mental state plays key here.
Lucifer DaNegus
Lucifer DaNegus Muaj më parë
Zach Lavine played on a torn acl n look at him noq
Dunfiato 369
Dunfiato 369 Muaj më parë
Is hard to save your ass if KD start making shots
ASAP A55A55IN Muaj më parë
Demarcus doo doo cousins hr might as well retire instead of kyrie
Martin Garrido
Martin Garrido Muaj më parë
Wow tons of respect
ehrikOlivares 92
ehrikOlivares 92 Muaj më parë
Hes tall
Ferguson Hobby Farm
Ferguson Hobby Farm Muaj më parë
John Wall is rockin’ too!!
Ferguson Hobby Farm
Ferguson Hobby Farm Muaj më parë
42 points the other night!! He’s back
Oatmeal Omnital
Oatmeal Omnital Muaj më parë
thathe is a hacker?
Henrique Zanini Marques Fernandes
Henrique Zanini Marques Fernandes Muaj më parë
jimmy should be a espn analyst or commentator
PRIS Muaj më parë
The only list where you see Mehmet Okur next to Kobe Bryant
XI Jarrod
XI Jarrod Muaj më parë
How bout we just throw lebron on the nets at this point maybe even Bradly Beal or something that’d make it greatttt
asabhcir Muaj më parë
I’m no doctor, but looking at Kevin’s reaction to the injury when it happened seemed to be in the least amount pain. Most of the other players were rolling around in severe pain. It looked like Durant barely felt any pain at all, maybe a discomfort, but far from agony. He’s probably playing the best on this list because his injury was the least.
Izaak Guzman
Izaak Guzman Muaj më parë
It’s the ads every 5 seconds for me
Wade Stilwell
Wade Stilwell Muaj më parë
What about Professor Live?!? He came back to his elite status 😁😁
Tomaz Apat
Tomaz Apat Muaj më parë
They didn't have stem cells and much more... It's different now
Turf Muaj më parë
I got that injury on both my legs
Ethan Martin
Ethan Martin Muaj më parë
John wall didn't have an Achilles injury
John Le
John Le Muaj më parë
Kobe came back much older
MR. 3jays
MR. 3jays Muaj më parë
He pulled up on Lebron half court no hesitation killer INSTINCT deadly lethal watery jumper....unstoppable...
Alex Rigano
Alex Rigano Muaj më parë
Greatest comeback story *Laughs in Alex Smith*
Matt Murdoch
Matt Murdoch Muaj më parë
Golden State warriors.k.d and Steph worst thing to ever happen to LeBron.
808 Frio
808 Frio Muaj më parë
Medical technology has advanced that’s all this a reach 🤣 If mfs was freezing they bodies like lebron or sumn maybe they’d have more longevity 🤷🏾‍♂️ or or lol mfs be faking injuries don’t act like u haven’t been losing and seen someone cap like they hurt so they can excuse their play 🤦🏾‍♂️
Cameron Nebraska
Cameron Nebraska Muaj më parë
1. Kobe 2. MJ 3. Magic 4. Kareem 5. Larry 6. Shaq 7. Lebron 8. Hakeem 9. Duncan 10. Wade 11. Iverson 12. Zeke 13. KD 14. Curry 15. Dirk 16. K. Malone 17. Barkley 18. Wilt 19. KG 20. Dr J 21. Pippen 22. Earl Monroe 23. Oscar 24. Bill Russell 25. Drexler 26. Paul Pierce 27. GP 28. Ginobili 29. CP3 30. Worthy 31. David Robinson 32. T Mac 33. Macadoo 34. Kevin McHale 35. Gervin 36. R Miller 37. RaSheed Wallace 38. Rodman 39. Tiny Archibald 40. D Wilkins 41. R Westbrook 42. Harden 43. Alex English 44. M Malone 45. Penny 46. Jerry West 47. Rondo 48. D Rose 49. Vince Carter 50. D Howard
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Muaj më parë
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Muaj më parë
King Yellowman
King Yellowman Muaj më parë
I blew my Achilles 3 years ago All I've done since is get fat af
Jude Thompson
Jude Thompson Muaj më parë
I’ve had an Achilles injury. It ain’t fun.
Poochie Collins
Poochie Collins Muaj më parë
But isn't it great to hop the line in theme parks and shit?
Christian Buna
Christian Buna Muaj më parë
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Some Guy
Some Guy Muaj më parë
That team of Achilles injury players is crazy. Zeke, Kobe, KD, Baylor and Ewing. Klay and Nique off the bench. Damn.
Tiago Silva
Tiago Silva Muaj më parë
Tbh with Kobe while his achilles was MAJOR his decline wasn’t just the achilles, it was a combination of injuries that really messed up his game, and John Wall his looking good too!
adhil mehmud
adhil mehmud Muaj më parë
Harden has joined the chat
CoolBreeze Mike
CoolBreeze Mike Muaj më parë
Home area man.... Always rooting for his success
Trevino Muaj më parë
Seeing Brandon Jennings’ decline makes me sad. I had high hopes for the guy
Kieran Crockett
Kieran Crockett Muaj më parë
I'll say this too, the achilles injury, while can still be devastating.. Thanks to modern medicine and modern sport science, it's becoming a more treatable injury!
Primus12 Muaj më parë
Kevin had 42 points againts magic. Dang hes really really back
Anggua k
Anggua k Muaj më parë
Kd looks smaller with the no.7 than 35
Veck Muaj më parë
KD's lanky ass frame was a blessing in disguise. Less strain on that heel can only be a good thing.
dan bob
dan bob 29 ditë më parë
he enrolled in lechokes graduate program and got an acting degree in fake injury performance. its like cointelpro the media and the masses. annaasu niyaam translates to the sheep are asleep. wakeup america hello world
Deez Naats
Deez Naats Muaj më parë
He looks like he actually lost some body weight. If you see his GSW time, his upper body did have some bulk. Now he seems thinner which could be a good thing reducing stress on the achilles.
Jay Nguyen
Jay Nguyen Muaj më parë
@VTLadd he’s such an anomaly, you can’t really say if adding weight would help him in this case
Gabordo Muaj më parë
@VTLadd i dont see how adding more weight would alleviate stress on his achilles
VTLadd Muaj më parë
But the reason he got injured, was because of his freakishly long frame. If he was better built(think Giannis, Jarret Allen), he may have had a much lesser injury.
Desmon Rodrigues
Desmon Rodrigues Muaj më parë
Big fan bro, been watching u for years now and agree with about 99 percent of what you say.
უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ
უწმინდური მამაო ღორმენ Muaj më parë
Was expecting tragic tmac story
Vernon Trinh
Vernon Trinh Muaj më parë
Y'all sleeping on John walls return.
David Maschino
David Maschino 21 ditë më parë
I still love those John wall shoes with the crazy zig zag sole. I think they were even called the zags.
Alif Syahreza
Alif Syahreza Muaj më parë
man just scored 42 points. he’s a goat
Aakriti Dahal
Aakriti Dahal Muaj më parë
RevBman7 Muaj më parë
It's called roids kids. Jimmy know it too lol.
Taline Hindoyan
Taline Hindoyan Muaj më parë
Umair Ali
Umair Ali Muaj më parë
this guy repeated his same point in 35 different ways
MB3 TV Muaj më parë
Whats the song around 4:51 ?
John Z
John Z Muaj më parë
KD is from Mars
ChrisySoSweet Muaj më parë
The medical tech is improving that’s a huge part
Jonathan Oka
Jonathan Oka Muaj më parë
1/5 of them were already just role players, 1/5 of them were old, wall is looking good as is Durant. I have no doubt klay will as well. While it is a big injury, some of this is misleading, weather it be ability or age/old medicine practices
terrence hood
terrence hood Muaj më parë
Forgot porzingis
Russel Kalyango
Russel Kalyango Muaj më parë
I guess John Wall isn't qualified to be an adequate sidekick
Oliver Neuenschwander
Oliver Neuenschwander Muaj më parë
Anyone here while James Harden is on the Nets?
21Jxrdan Muaj më parë
POV: here after harden trade
Ifebunandu Nicholas
Ifebunandu Nicholas Muaj më parë
Jimmyroller is the GOAT of NBA historical analysis
Larry Scattaglia
Larry Scattaglia Muaj më parë
KD is showing a whole buncha huevos..And pure basketball mastery, in his return...I’ve always loved his game, but his off-court rabbit ears are a bit annoying-but I haven’t had millions of people talking about me, and watching me play incredibly high levels of b-ball, so I dunno what the f*** I’m talking about
Chris Teyla
Chris Teyla Muaj më parë
I always thought he was a snake for heading to GS but his recovery is straight up inspirational. He looks just as good as always and so glad to see him playing again.
Pqu1try Muaj më parë
KD is a phoney cupcake
little man
little man Muaj më parë
Kevin Durant and Joe Harris are the most solid on the Nets!!
Parsa Rathernotsay
Parsa Rathernotsay Muaj më parë
Maybe this should be a lesson to give players more time with recovery
Rubin Turner
Rubin Turner Muaj më parë
I remember all of these injuries and I believe Kevin is talented enough to be another who was able to overcome it and win a title again.
Ian Gabot
Ian Gabot Muaj më parë
I had an Achilles rupture due to a basketball game. Guy stepped on my heel on a pull up jumper. There something I noticed coming back. If you look carefully at his right leg he has a little less hop and pivot as well as his body weight slightly shifted to the left when jumping and landing. Genuinely amazed at his recovery. Hook em!
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